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 What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

  • IV Vitamin Therapy is the method of administering micro nutrients directly into the body intravenously, directly into the bloodstream. IV hydration bypasses the GI tract, delivering vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids directly into the body with nearly a 100% absorption rate. Administered by a registered nurse or nurse practitioner, hydration effects are felt immediately and can be felt up to one week and a half weeks after infusion.

 What services do you provide?

 Where are you located?

 How can I book an appointment?

 Who is qualified to administer the IV Infusion treatment?
  • The IV infusion treatments are administered by Registered Nurses (RN) or Advance Practice Nurses (APN's) who have a critical care background and are experts at administering IV treatments.

How long do IV Infusions treatments take? 
  • Our IV treatments typically last 45 minutes to 4 hours depending on which IV infusion treatment you choose. B12 shots are quick and take no more than five minutes. 

Do you accept health insurance?
  • We do not accept health insurance at this time

What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit cards, cash, FSA and HSA payments.

Who can receive IV infusions?
  • Individuals over the age of 18. 

How often should I get IV Infusion treatments?
  • Treatments are typically provided every other week, however each clients needs vary so recommendations are made on a case to case basis.

Do you provide IV services for events or private parties?
  • Yes, we offer mobile IV services at an additional cost for small, medium, and large events. We also ofter IV Infusion treatments for private parties. Please click here to inquire about events or party bookings. 


​ Which IV is best for me?
  •  Envy IV Infusion cocktails were created and named to closely match the symptoms it treats. This makes the process more efficient and simple when booking an appointment. Click here to see which treatment option is best for you.

What is vitamin B12 and what are some of the benefits?
  • Vitamin B12 is a water-soluable vitamin that is essential to red blood cell formation, central nervous system function, DNA production. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins as is promotes healthy blood flow, cell metabolism, nerve function and DNA production, and boosts focus and concentration.

Is there a fee for urgent appointments?
  •  Yes, all urgent appointments that are requested within a 2 hour window of service will incur a $50 fee.

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